Principled Animal Chiropractic

Promoting True Chiropractic for Animals

The APAC is the Association for Principled Animal Chiropractic. We stand for authentic real chiropractic for Horses, Dogs and Cats. The Mission of the APAC is to promote true principles chiropractic for animals in Europe and Worldwide and to create and maintain a standard for quality and safety in animal chiropractic. 

Mario Soriano & Kai Haselmeyer, founders

Our Philosophy

All members of the APAC agree to and practice by the following basic principles of Chiropractic:


Individualized portion of a universal intelligence.

There is an innate intelligence in every animal creating, enabling and sustaining Life as a segmented, individualized portion of a universal intelligence, which is the creative principle behind order in the universe.

Animal Health

Health as normal function.

Disease is only a disturbed function (to much or not enough), so the aim of animal chiropractic is not to treat a specific expression of disturbed function or specific symptoms, but to work on restoring and increasing overall normal function by facilitating balance and coherence in the whole system in a holistic, salutogenetic manner.

The nervous system

Main conductor of function in the body.

We recopgnize chiropractic subluxation as the gateway for facilitating balance, higher coherence and integration. The APAC Animal Chiropractor uses the neuroeskeletal system of the animal as the access to restoring balance and increasing coherence mainly via the neurospine.

Our Technique

Our difference

APAC Animal Chiropractors adjust only in a specific manner. There is no use of drugs, no surgery, and there are no integrated therapies in animal chiropractic.


Board of Directors of the Association

President Dr. Mario Soriano, DVM, Dipl. COAC.

Veterinary Doctor, Diplomate in Animal Chiropractic in the College of Animal Chiropractic in USA. Passionate about principled chiropractic an vitalistic approach to life to empower animal life in the expression of maximum health, wellness and animal potential. He has worked during the last years adjusting horses, dogs, cats, turtles, pigeons, etc. Actually he is promoting a new paradigm in animal chiropractic through A.P.A.C Presidency and directing investigations in horse performance with chiropractic.

Vice-President Kai Haselmeyer, MSc.

Director of Research of the German University Education in Chiropractic at the Chiropraktik Campus (Hamburg, Germany). Director of the Board of Directors Council on Chiropractic Practice (CCP, USA). Technique Instructor in human and animal Chiropractic. International Lecturer on Chiropractic Science and Philosophy. Author of "Advanced Chiropractic Technique Textbook". Owner of 4Life Chiropractic Center Göttingen, Germany.

Katharina Nebel, DAC.

Physical Therapist. Chiropractic Assistant at 4Life Chiropractic, Göttingen -Germany-. Neuromuscular Reprogramming Practicioner. 

Experienced Horse Trainer. Riding Master. 

Certified Animal Chiropractor (DAC) by A.P.A.C

Creating a New Paradigm in Animal Chiropractic